British Library book shelves

Managing the rights for the British Library’s collection is fundamental to our operation, NewRedo delivered a Rights Editor solution within the timescales and budget that we needed – Kevan Wood, Head of Application Development

The British Library forms the national library of the United Kingdom and provides an unparalleled resource to the academic, business and scientific communities. The the best search, discovery and access experience is vital for all it’s users at the same time as working within regulatory and digital licensing restrictions. The rights management system forms part of this backbone but did not allow easy enquiry and change by library staff.

What NewRedo Delivered

The solution NewRedo delivered was a multi catalogue rights editor that would integrate with the British Library’s existing systems, ingest pipeline and engineering policies at the same time as meeting it’s business needs quickly and within a tight budget. The application specifically delivered:

  • A web-based application allowing teams distributed across the library’s two geographical sites of London and Boston Spa to use the system.
  • Automated testing code to for robust ongoing development.
  • Compliance with the library’s complex XML metadata schema.
  • A solution based on familiar technology already used by the British Library.