NewRedo was formed in 2010 with a mission to help small and medium sized businesses enjoy the benefits of bespoke software. Since then we’ve helped many businesses use software to become more efficient and interact with their customers online.

Our Values

At our core we want to be guided by values not procedures. Following values gives room for creative solutions, both for us and our customers. We currently have four and review them regularly.

Focusing on returns

Software must pay for itself, that’s common sense, but ensuring this is not so straightforward. We’ve spent years developing our expertise in agile engineering tactics to maximise the value of every pound spent. We practice lean thinking in everything we do for you.

Easy to work with

We work hard at keeping things simple. We prefer straight-forward and flexible commercial arrangements that keep options open for our customers. We want customers to stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

The customer is part of the team

We believe that the best results come from customers working directly with engineers and designers. Straight talking saves money by getting to the heart of the matter quickly. We believe it’s important to provide a personal service at every level.

Socially responsible

We’re keen to have a positive social impact, however small, in everything we do. Our involvement in community events is a current attempt to amplify our impact.

Meet the Founders

Royd Brayshay

Co-founder and passionate perfectionist. Royd has spent 25 years building and running software teams for a living. He’s worked with the largest enterprises and humble start-ups. Nowadays he’s focused on building highly skilled, productive teams that deliver feature after feature; often to some of the highest volume websites in the UK.

Phill Luby

Co-founder and software engineer with a long career history of systems analysis, software development and user training experience. I’ve worked in a number of small and large organisations helping them manage teams and projects to develop a wide range of software in sectors including health, education and local government.