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Making UX Work In Agile Development

Getting agile practises and UX to work together in the software development world is often seen as a difficult process to master. There’s a fear that UX testing will slow things down and be costly or that there’ll be too… Read More

Agile Yorkshire Goes Online: 200+ Sign up

The team at NewRedo are delighted to share the incredible response we’ve had from the tech community, for bringing Agile Yorkshire online this month. Our long-running community event, to be held online this Thursday 30th April at 5.30pm, has been… Read More

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Insights from a senior DevOps Specialist

In our latest interview series, we introduce some of our expert software developers and consultants at NewRedo.  This time, get to know the man behind the machine – our very talented and dedicated Lead Consultant Engineer and DevOps specialist, Micheal… Read More

Building Primary Wave

Osint Ltd is an international security and intelligence consultant offering reporting and monitoring services to the military, government and financial sector. They contacted NewRedo with the opportunity to create and develop a platform (Primary Wave) capable of storing and analysing… Read More

30 Gigabyte Data Migration

Data migrations can be complex tasks requiring careful co-ordination, but when large volumes of data are involved the process becomes more complex. Our client, Peritus Health Management Limited, had a large volume of clinical and non-clinical records stored on a… Read More

System Monitoring

As part of our commitment to keep our customers’ systems up and running, safe and secure we’ve rolled out a new system monitoring platform based on Icinga. Icinga is a free and open-source infrastructure monitoring platform that aggregates all monitoring… Read More

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Cyber Essentials

NewRedo has been awarded UK Government Cyber Essentials certification allowing our clients to trust that our systems are safe and secure when we handle their projects. Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme devised by the National Cyber Security Centre. It is designed… Read More

Secure Document Transmission

This week we put live a system that includes secure document delivery that allows end users to access sensitive documents on their own computers or mobile phones. The current manual process our clients was using involved MS Word documents in… Read More

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Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

NewRedo Ltd. have been named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 (DOS3) framework. Crown Commercial Service is an Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office, supporting the public sector to achieve maximum commercial… Read More