We Lost How Much Money? The Cost Of Delay

In one of our most enjoyed Agile Yorkshire presentations, our guest speaker – enterprise agile coach Adam Mitchell – explains why the cost of delay should be the biggest factor when deciding what order to queue work in, something which… Read More

Agile Yorkshire Goes Online: 200+ Sign up

The team at NewRedo are delighted to share the incredible response we’ve had from the tech community, for bringing Agile Yorkshire online this month. Our long-running community event, to be held online this Thursday 30th April at 5.30pm, has been… Read More

senior devops specialist interview banner

Insights from a senior DevOps Specialist

In our latest interview series, we introduce some of our expert software developers and consultants at NewRedo.  This time, get to know the man behind the machine – our very talented and dedicated Lead Consultant Engineer and DevOps specialist, Micheal… Read More

Building Primary Wave

Osint Ltd is an international security and intelligence consultant offering reporting and monitoring services to the military, government and financial sector. They contacted NewRedo with the opportunity to create and develop a platform (Primary Wave) capable of storing and analysing… Read More

30 Gigabyte Data Migration

Data migrations can be complex tasks requiring careful co-ordination, but when large volumes of data are involved the process becomes more complex. Our client, Peritus Health Management Limited, had a large volume of clinical and non-clinical records stored on a… Read More