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CATI Software Managed Service

Acuity had an in-house developed computer assisted interview, or CATI software, that had been built up over many years

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Software Development Insights

CATI Software Managed Service

Acuity had an in-house developed computer assisted interview, or CATI software, that had been built up over many years. The system was closely tailored to Acuity’s business processes and specific market sector providing many operational advantages, however its technology was outdated and vulnerable to key person dependencies.

Acuity needed a new supplier with the engineering experience to adopt the running and maintenance of the CATI software, as well as further develop the functionality and update the technology employed.

Project Introduction

Acuity provide customer research and consultancy to the social housing sector including Tenant Satisfaction Measure surveys (TMS), performance improvement plus learning and development.

They focus on providing information that will inform performance improvement and positive outcomes for providers and residents through postal, telephone, online and face-to-face interviews having delivered thousands of customer surveys for some of the largest suppliers of social housing in the UK.

They also operate long running continuous tracker programs with everything carefully tailored to the requirements and budgets of their customers

Software Development Insights
Project Challenge

The Acuity CATI software had been developed organically over many years using a capable but stretched in-house team. Their limited capacity left little time to adopt new technologies and engineering practice alongside on-boarding new clients and new business needs.

Furthermore the system was highly optimised to work with Acuities customers in the housing sector, providing a significant operational advantage but making off the shelf replacements less attractive and more costly. Changes within the business meant that Acuity needed a new partner to support and develop their CATI software and support the growth opportunities the business could see.

Project Solution

A NewRedo cross-functional team was formed to take an agile approach to adopting operation and development for the CATI software, ensuring business continuity and fast returns. Focusing on quick wins and areas of greatest risk the team started to partition the code and restructure source control to be able to support a repeatable deployment pipeline and regular delivery of new feature code.

Development, staging and production environments were created to improve testing and stakeholder feedback, before functionality of the CATI software went live. These development environments were provisioned with Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, and week by week new fixes and features were rolled out. As knowledge and confidence grew, the final stage was to migrate the production system on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure and decommission the legacy servers.

Customer Value Proposition

By undertaking the UI refresh project, Wabalogic demonstrated its commitment to achieving an exceptional user experience within the MIM product. Through a user-centric approach, modern design principles, and agile development methodologies, the NewRedo team successfully transformed the ageing UI of the medical image management software, into a modern, intuitive, and accessible interface.

This initiative aimed to improve user satisfaction, streamline workflows, and enhance the overall usability of the application, ultimately empowering healthcare professionals and patients to navigate and interact with the system more efficiently.

Project Skills
.NET C# AD Agile Cloud JavaScript Onboarding Technical Leadership Azure Legacy Systems SSO Data Analytics Business Analysis Software Archtecture Change Management