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Codebase Performance Analysis

NewRedo partnered with, a prominent SaaS vendor in the online community management space, to address performance issues within their platform's functionality.

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Codebase Performance Analysis is an online platform that enables media organisations and publishers to crowdsource content and engage with their audience. It provides a streamlined and efficient way for organisations to gather user-generated content, such as photos, videos, and articles, from their audience members or a community of contributors.

The platform offers features for content submission, curation, and collaboration, allowing media organisations to easily source and publish high-quality content that resonates with their readership. helps media companies harness the power of crowdsourcing to enhance their content offerings and foster greater engagement with their audience.

Project Introduction

NewRedo partnered with, a prominent SaaS vendor in the online community management space, to address performance issues within their platform's back-office functionality. As a provider of interactive and engaging online community solutions, sought to optimise their platform's performance to enhance user experiences and facilitate seamless interactions.

NewRedo was tasked with investigating and recommending possible solutions to these performance problems, ensuring the platform's back-office functionality operated smoothly and efficiently, ultimately benefiting's website publishers and their user communities.

Software Development Insights
Project Challenge

NewRedo addressed several technical challenges throughout the project.'s platform featured a modular architecture, requiring meticulous identification of performance bottlenecks within specific components. Moreover, the platform was built using Scala, a robust programming language known for its scalability and functional programming capabilities but needing a more specialist engineer skill set.

The main challenge was to understand features that needed attention without compromising the platform's overall excellent performance. Additionally, the platform served numerous customers who heavily utilised the system, resulting in large volumes of operational data that would need to be maintained and handled appropriately.

Project Solution

To address the performance issues in's back-office functionality, NewRedo executed a detailed investigation within the codebase, meticulously identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement. The team conducted thorough code profiling to gain insights into the platform's performance characteristics.

Additionally, NewRedo documented the existing code structure and dependency graph to understand the platform's architecture comprehensively. Leveraging this analysis, NewRedo compiled an in-depth report containing recommendations and insights that fed into's product roadmap and financial plan. This report served as a clear way forward for the development team, guiding them towards optimal solutions to enhance the back-office functionality.

Customer Value Proposition

The collaboration between NewRedo and yielded significant insights and options for the developments and Contribly leadership team. By addressing the performance problems within the platform's back-office functionality, could make a plan to streamline operations.

NewRedo's collaboration enabled to strengthen its position as a leading provider of online community management solutions, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Project Skills
Scala Performance Profiling Software Archtecture Code Analysis Performance Testing Capacity Planning DevOps Delivery Management Consulting