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Compliance Platform Software Adoption and Management

Core to Product Partnerships success as a business is having a reliable software system to support both their customers and their back office operations

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Software Development Insights

Compliance Platform Software Adoption and Management

Core to Product Partnerships success as a business is having a reliable software system to support both their customers and their back office operations. The specialist nature of their offering is underpinned by having a bespoke platform that is tailored to their unique services. The Product Partnership leadership team asked NewRedo for software adoption assistance after their previous development partner ceased operations with short notice, seriously threatening business continuity. Facing the challenge of an unsupported bespoke system that was critical to the survival of their retail compliance business, decisive action was needed. A NewRedo team stepped in and leveraged their experiences to assess the situation and take control.

Project Introduction

Successfully assisted in adopting a legacy system after a previous supplier ceased operations. Challenged with short time scales, poor documentation and ongoing quality issues that hindered business operations. The solution involved a needs assessment, ensured data migration and validation and change management. This resulted in uninterrupted operations, enhanced efficiency, cost savings, scalability and flexibility, and improved user satisfaction. Demonstrating expertise in managing complex IT challenges and delivering tailored solutions for seamless system transitions.

Software Development Insights
Project Challenge

The sudden loss of their previous supplier left Product Partnerships without access to critical system support, jeopardising their day-to-day operations. Making a switch to a new supplier seamlessly was vital for business continuity and keep the business on track with its short and long term goals. NewRedo faced software adoption challenges with limited access to knowledge transfer, understanding of a legacy codebase, identifying and addressing fixes, executing a seamless migration and achieving quality assurance. There was also concern around adapting to new business requirements, managing timelines and stakeholder expectations plus providing ongoing support and maintenance while the software adoption of the multiple bespoke cloud applications took place.

Project Solution

Our team thoroughly assessed Product Partnerships situation and conducted an in-depth analysis of their existing systems and infrastructure. Engaging with the previous supplier was only possible in a very limited way due to circumstances therefore it was important to move fast and act decisively. Our team quickly devised a comprehensive system and data migration strategy, extracting and transferring critical data from the legacy infrastructure to the new cloud platform and creating a new deployment pipeline for each part of the complex compliance platform. A rigorous testing and validation plan was implemented to guarantee data accuracy and integrity. Working closely with Product Partnerships stakeholders, we worked to fix bugs and stabilise quality issues that had accumulated over the run up to the incident and began some overdue customisation to the new system to align with the unique needs of Product Partnerships business. We ensured seamless integration with their existing IT landscape including management information tools, database applications and workflow processes. Recognising the importance of user adoption, we provided support and training to familiarise Product Partnerships employees with the new system setup. We also developed change management strategies to minimise disruption and facilitate a smooth transition.

Customer Value Proposition

The successful implementation of the new cloud infrastructure ensured uninterrupted business operations for Product Partnerships, mitigating the risks associated with the discontinued supplier. The new system offered fixes to long standing bugs as well as a general quality uplift, improved features and streamlined deployment processes, resulting in increased operational efficiency and productivity. By transitioning to the cloud infrastructure Product Partnerships eliminated costly fixed maintenance contracts associated with the old platform. The new cloud based infrastructure provided Product Partnerships with a scalable and flexible platform, accommodating future growth and adapting to evolving business needs. Through effective training and change management, we minimised disruption and empowered Product Partnership's employees to embrace the new system, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity. By partnering with NewRedo to navigate the software adoption process, Product Partnerships successfully navigated the challenge of a discontinued supplier and smoothly transitioned to a new, robust solution. Our comprehensive approach, including system evaluation, vendor selection, customisation, data migration, and change management, ensured a seamless adoption process.

Project Skills
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