RaceBest provides online entry system and result publishing for organisers of races for runners and triathlons.

“We pitched RaceBest to a number of developers most of whom got lost in the detail. Royd and Phill got the concept immediately and focused us on the shortest route to going live, leaving the bells and whistles for another day. It was their understanding of what was needed that got us from start-up to first sales within 3 months and after five years we now have one of the most respected ticketing platforms in our field.”

Martin Brown, RaceBest Ltd

Late in 2012, the founders of RaceBest approached NewRedo with their idea of developing a software platform to help organisers collect entry fees and manage their entrant information. Although there were other systems available the feeling was that runners and organisers deserve better. We worked closely together, got the key features to market within a couple of months and continued to develop more features over the coming years. RaceBest is now a successful online platform with around 100,000 visitors per month.

In the beginning RaceBest wanted an to provide entry, results and reviews of races with running community and performance tracking features. Delivering all those features over months of development was going to be expensive and risky. They chose NewRedo because they were easy to engage, had a low-risk commercial model and have years of expertise in taking the risk out of complex software projects. NewRedo and RaceBest worked together to determine priorities that could go live the soonest.

We decided to prioritise the features for race organisers as these would generate revenue directly whereas other features would not; the RaceBest business model required this to work. Within a few months we had a dedicated entry system for large scale runs, focusing on making it the most convenient entry system that we could build. Income was re-invested back into software development generating more features and proving the worth of the business model.

By 2016 in and RaceBest needed some investment to accelerate their business and were considering their options. The founders of NewRedo decided make a direct investment offer to RaceBest which they accepted. Due to the growth of the system RaceBest were experiencing some administrative overheads and this became the focus of the investment, gradually making more and more of the system self-service for their customers, allowing the system to scale several times over without increasing the number of staff.

As RaceBest continues to grow our work with them will continue…