Workers maintaining industrial breathing equipment.

NewRedo rescued our data from our original supplier and helped us build our own system tailored to our business. They know how to speak to me in English and not IT which makes things so much easier. – Amanda Dowson, Owner

Peritus Health Management is an occupational health supplier, providing environmental and personal health monitoring for employees of other businesses.

After an off-the-shelf system they were using failed to meet their needs they contacted NewRedo to help them pull their data from their existing supplier and start building their own custom system around their business.

What NewRedo Delivered

NewRedo provided some consulting to first get their data into a readable from their current supplier, and began building key parts of a new, tailored, system that worked exactly as they needed.

NewRedo specifically delivered:

  • Online system for use in the field.
  • Secure processing of special-class personal data.
  • Full offline capabilities for working in isolated areas.
  • Online customer self-service.
  • Automated assessments using online Questionnaires.