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NewRedo breathed life into our ageing systems, bringing them up-to-date with our latest business activities without disrupting the parts that worked. – John Tarr, Director

Off Limits (Corporate Events Ltd) specialise in providing a range of activities, team building exercises and bespoke events throughout the UK and abroad.

Their order management system had fallen behind their business processes and not taken advantage of new time-saving technology. After two different suppliers were unsuccessful in their attempts to replace the existing system, Off Limits contacted NewRedo to take on the challenge.

What NewRedo Delivered

NewRedo took a different approach. We worked with their existing technology and systems to incrementally upgrade, enhance and replace functionality without disrupting day-to-day operations. Our approach quickly delivered time-saving features allowing staff to move from away from administration and back to sales. The application specifically delivered:

  • Intranet application used by staff
  • Online self-service used by customers and suppliers.
  • Tailored exactly to their established business practices.
  • Integrated and automated customer and supplier communications.