Software Development

NewRedo’s adaptive process puts you the customer in control. Whether its online or back-office, we understand that balancing creativity and pragmatism delivers results. We’re experts in delivering early and often no matter what the technology choice or problem space.

Collaborate Closely

There is no substitute for the experience and specialist knowledge of our customers. Great solutions grow from your business knowledge and our technical expertise. Our collaborative approach brings the two together for mutual efficiency. Working closely, in short iterations, ensures getting everything that matters most.

A Focus on Design

Design is one of the great differentiators in today’s marketplace. Realising the potential of any software investment is no easy task. We pride ourselves on combining a holistic approach to design. We’re passionate about both what you see and what is under the surface.

Web, Desktop or Mobile

Nowadays the web and mobile phones have equal importance to desktop or back office systems. Our skills and experience apply equally to each of these. If you’ve wondered how cloud computing could apply to your business, we can help you understand that too.

Control Costs

We work with you to deliver the most valuable features early. By delivering working systems that could be put to use early, your investment is protected. Our regular demo and review sessions are a highlight for many customers. You can see and discuss features and ensure value for money from start to finish.

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