Friday 19th June 2015 – 14:00 to 16:00

Being a confident speaker is rewarding both personally and professionally, but does not come naturally to many people. As preparation for an upcoming speaking engagement Event Speakers Boot Camp can’t be beaten. The technology industry calendar is filled with conferences and speaking events and The Event Speakers Boot Camp was originally conceived as an afternoon of fun and tips to help grow local speakers for our Agile Yorkshire community group. However, it can help many more people than that.

About the Workshop

Ivor Tymchak has run this Presentations Skills workshop in various organisations throughout the country. It is a direct result of the Bettakultcha phenomenon that started in Leeds and is now regularly held in many cities in the North.
This two-hour workshop covers all the essential aspects of making a good presentation from owning the stage, props, stories, slides and understanding why you’re presenting in the first place.
The workshop will be an interactive one so attendees will need to stand up and talk to the group with improvised speeches. A summary guide is supplied after the workshop so very few notes need be taken during the session.

Download the Event Speaker Boot Camp summary.

About Ivor

Ivor is a freethinker, artist and professional speaker. He compères Bettakultcha and sometimes does stand-up comedy. His overriding concern as a human being is considering the question ‘how should we live?