Working code is easy. Crafting software applications that users love is hard. Our experience in design strategy will help you succeed in your product vision. We deliver effective prototypes as well as polished fully featured applications.

Research and Discovery

Understanding the problem underpins great application design. Using structured workshops and collaborating together we produce insights that move our customers forward with confidence.

Product Blueprints and Prototypes

We produce early stage working software that real stakeholders can use in all our projects. These can form MVP (Minimum Viable Product) releases or be used in further user testing.

User Studies and Interface Design

When it comes to user interface design the best solutions are often discovered not designed. We test ideas using real interactions, observation and feedback. Innovative solutions come from leaning and iteration.

Performance Optimisation

Responsiveness is a feature just like any other and building a snappy application needs good architecture and experience. A slow user interface frustrates users and can stop it being used at all. We produce consistent results through our decades of involvement with software engineering and maturity of approach.

Web, Mobile or Desktop

NewRedo builds applications across all platforms including web, mobile and desktop. Today websites have many cost advantages and are the bead and butter of the industry, but when requiring a fully deployed mobile or desktop application NewRedo’s decades of experience predating the internet pay dividends.