Put simply today’s bespoke software provides a solid competitive advantage to a business when done right. This hasn’t always been true but the web has revolutionised the costs and quality of software applications tailored exactly to your business needs.

There is still a build or buy decision to make and where you can by off-the-shelf software you should. But for many growing companies there is no software available that does just what they need, simply because they are doing things a bit differently. That’s why they are successful.

NewRedo can help you asses the build or buy decision with some simple rules and guide lines as well as advice on technology and other choices with understandable language, free from IT buzzwords and jargon.

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Simple to Engage

We will help you take the correct path right from the start. NewRedo’s expert analysts will discuss your project and help you decide on the next steps. We may recommend an Discovery Workshop or help with wire frame designs. In some cases it makes more commercial sense to opt for an off-the-shelf solution; if that’s the case we will be open and honest and can recommend¬†available choices if required.¬† We want to become long-term, trusted advisers to all our customers.

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