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We give businesses a competitive advantage through the development of bespoke software. Whether its online, mobile or back-office, we understand business processes and how to develop software around them that provides the biggest impact.


The first step developing the right bespoke software is understanding how a business currently works and what the opportunities and challenges are. We take the time to do this from the start of the engagement and keep up-to-date throughout so that we can adapt to changes.


As a leading software company in Leeds, we have a wide range of expertise that we draw on, from software developers to graphic designers, to ensure that every project gets the most appropriate people every time.

Web, Desktop or Mobile

The web and mobile phones have equal importance to desktop or back office systems. Our skills and experience apply equally to each of these. If you’ve wondered how cloud computing could apply to your business, we can help you understand that too.


We work with you to deliver the most valuable features early, which means early returns on investment. Our regular demo and review sessions are a highlight for many customers. You can see and discuss features and ensure value for money from start to finish.

Looking for expert software consultancy? Learn more about how our senior developers integrate into teams to deliver bespoke projects efficiently and effectively.