Agile Yorkshire Goes Online: 200+ Sign up

The team at NewRedo are delighted to share the incredible response we’ve had from the tech community, for bringing Agile Yorkshire online this month. Our long-running community event, to be held online this Thursday 30th April at 5.30pm, has been… Read More

Tony Heap at Agile Yorkshire

Ideas on How to Split User Stories

Breaking large user stories (or work items in layman’s terms) down into several smaller ones hugely improves delivery predictability. There are several reasons for this including the fact that smaller items with fewer moving parts are simply easier to estimate… Read More

Jon Fulton at Agile Yorkshire

Agile Telemetry, Doing Data Driven Product Development like a Formula 1 Team

Building a software product requires thousands of design decisions to be made and making those decisions quickly will significantly reduce the time to market.  Getting things shipped quickly can significantly reduce commercial risks through gaining early feedback. But making these… Read More