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Occupational Health Software Specialists

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For over 7 years we have established a reputation as a trusted consultancy for organisations in the occupational health sector.

Occupational Health Software Specialists.

Occupational health plays a pivotal role in fostering thriving workplaces, and at NewRedo we recognise the evolving digital needs of providers and work closely with organisations across the sector to help elevate your capabilities.

In fact, we have been developing bespoke solutions for renowned sector leaders, such as longtime clients Peritus Health Management, for over 7 years we have established a reputation as a trusted consultancy for organisations in the occupational health sector.

At NewRedo, it’s our mission to empower providers like you with bespoke occupational health software 100% tailored to your needs.

More than just a consultancy, we are your partners in technology, helping to drive your organisation forward.

So, whether you’re looking to streamline health assessments, optimise data management or implement sophisticated monitoring systems, our bespoke solutions are tailored to align seamlessly with your unique objectives and challenges.

Occupational Health Software Specialists

The Importance of Occupational Health Software.

In the ever-evolving landscape of occupational health, technology has helped to revolutionise how businesses and healthcare providers manage and prioritise the safety, health, and well-being of their workforce.

At NewRedo, we’re experienced in supporting organisations in this sector running both local and national screening and surveillance services, and deliver bespoke occupational health software solutions that empower businesses and safeguard employees.

Products 100% Tailored to Your Organisation.

As a software consultancy, it’s easy to think of us as simply selling services. However, we turn our Software Development, UX Design, Software Strategy, Cloud Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Transformation Services and many more, into bespoke, tailored occupational health products that exceed the needs of our clients.

We deliver solutions designed to meet your organisation's occupational health objectives, that optimise every facet of your product/service offering, and are designed to appeal to your unique user base.

Occupational Health Software Specialists
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Our Sector Capabilities, Experience & Benefits.

Our skilled team of software developers, designers, architects, test engineers and data scientists develop innovative occupational health software that can help organisations to:

  • Safeguard employee health
  • Ensure compliance
  • Foster a culture of well-being
  • Enhance productivity and create safer, healthier work environments

With the experience and understanding to transform how organisations manage:

  • Risk assessments
  • Medical examinations
  • Health surveillance programmes
  • Data management
  • Reporting or training

The products we develop are optimised to meet your organisational needs and objectives, and as a result have wider, fundamental benefits on the businesses we support than merely the solution’s intended uses.

Our bespoke occupational health software can help your organisation to save costs, maximise user satisfaction, improve record-keeping, increase efficiency, streamline workflows, and empower both businesses and employees.

Occupational Health Software Specialists
Case Study

Discover Our Recent Occupational Health Software Work.

Peritus Health Management.

Peritus Health Management, were struggling with an off the shelf system that was a poor fit for their needs.

With the experience and understanding to transform how organisations manage:

They were navigating challenges including inefficient workflows, lack of customisation, data integrity issues, limited reporting and analysis capabilities, integration challenges, scalability limitations, and user adoption difficulties.

They came to us for bespoke occupational health software that aligned with their specific requirements and focused on customisation, data integrity, reporting capabilities, integration options, scalability, and user-friendliness.

Occupational Health Software Specialists

We started by safely migrating the client’s data away from the incumbent off the shelf product, before creating specific tooling around a data pipeline that extracted and transformed records from the legacy system into human-readable documents.

These documents were then sanitised, stored, searched, and retrieved from a new data repository.

To build the new tailored system, the team worked with the Peritus stakeholders to analyse business goals and project objectives both short and long term, before selecting the tools and technologies to be used throughout the project.

The first phase of the system was developed as a web application running in the cloud, with features being deployed every few days in order to gather ongoing stakeholder feedback and maximise value delivered.


Our team’s focus on security and transformation processing capability ensured that the sensitive information and data being transferred across the systems was protected.

The new occupational health software created by the NewRedo team has improved record-keeping, increased efficiency, and saved costs for Peritus Health Management by being more closely optimised for their business objectives, workflow and customer needs.

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