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We are NewRedo, a team of skilled software developers, designers, architects, test engineers and data scientists committed to digitally transforming your business or service with the latest technologies.

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Bespoke Software Developers

The right choices for any software development.

Seeking trusted, experienced agile software developers and a partner in technology with a commercial focus, and a user and data-led approach? You’ve found us.

User Focused Technologists.

A multidisciplinary software consultancy with decades of experience, we deliver software that supports your products or services, and drives value across the wider business, helping you to meet your business goals.

Founded in 2010, we’re go-to Yorkshire software developers, supporting businesses of all sizes, from a huge range of industries, across the UK and beyond, to improve and maintain existing systems and solve challenges with new software solutions.

Helping you find a perfect blend of bespoke Software Design & Development, Software Testing, Infrastructure Provisioning, System Deployment services, and long term consultative support, we offer software services 100% tailored to you, and your business needs.

Bespoke Software Developers

Our Software Development Services.

Using the latest technologies to help your business grow.

Software Development

Our software development services are 100% tailored to your business. We build specialist teams around your requirements to build bespoke software that gives your business a competitive advantage.

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UX Design & User Research

Our software developers and designers connect UX design and user research to create interfaces that drive a positive user response and run seamlessly across all devices.

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Software Strategy

We create software strategies that provide you with a tailored plan of action to help guide your company’s software development activities and ensure the end product meets your requirements.

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Data Management

Data management services help to manage, integrate, migrate and analyse your data to help improve its quality, reduce data silos and offer new insights to support your business goals.

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Software Maintenance

Our software maintenance experts ensure that your software continues to meet your users needs. We make sure costly downtime and security breaches are avoided, maximising the value of your investment.

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Cloud Development

Our cloud software developers work to design, develop and deploy your bespoke software applications on cloud platforms. We can also migrate your existing system to the optimal cloud-based platform.

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Mobile App Development

Harness the power of mobile app development with a bespoke app that your users love with offline functionality, user personalisation and business branding, monetisation capabilities and more.

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Agile Consulting

We can help you to adopt agile software delivery methodologies and practices to help maximise your outcomes and deliver high-quality software that meets the changing needs of your users.

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Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation services guide you through the process of changing the way your business operates and delivers value to your customers by leveraging new digital technologies.

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Bespoke Software Developers

Your Trusted Software Developers.

Founded in Yorkshire, our culture is rooted in the straightforward delivery of digital solutions, using a no-nonsense Agile approach - “Yorkshire values” that benefit our clients across the UK, and internationally.

Simply put, we care about delivering good working outcomes in a short timeframe.

  • Experts in automation and cloud infrastructure.
  • Our skilled team of design-led, full stack software developers, are committed to aligning technology to your current and evolving business needs.
  • We are Agile from first principles, with continuous iteration and regular delivery a consistent, essential feature of our approach to every service we offer.

At our core, we are a team of passionate software developers and technology professionals, who are guided by values, not procedures, committed to helping your business to adopt fast evolving digital technology, and guiding you through the process of digital transformation.

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UX Design and User Research
Bespoke Software Developers

Our Approach.

At NewRedo, we take a user centred approach to bespoke software development, and a team-based approach to system delivery - practising the Agile principles we help other software businesses and freelance software developers to harness with our Agile Consulting service.

More than software developers and designers, we are your partner in technology, staying aligned with your evolving needs, through evidence based design and continuous collaboration over your software.

We understand that modern businesses like yours need support and services that address all aspects of digital transformation, from inception to operations, and we can support and advise your organisation on all things technology, not just the features and functionality of your system or application.

NewRedo puts your users at the centre. Our Strategists and Data Scientists conduct extensive research to build a deep understanding of your users, as well as their needs and expectations, weaving this through your software strategy. While our Architects, software developers and designers tailor new developments to your users, informed by these insights, provide user support, and ensure their smooth transition from your legacy software to your new solution.

From our Software Developers and Designers, to our Engineers, Architects and Data Scientists, our entire team is committed to predictable, consistent delivery, and driving high value outcomes. This approach leads to low-drama projects that support collaboration, help establish your trust and engagement, and generate a solid commercial return for your business.

We understand that your multifaceted challenges need systems and rounded solutions, not just code and websites. This is what we do.


Taking a look at Dagger
Taking a look at Dagger

Solomon Hykes is probably most famous for being the founder and former CTO of Docker. Docker revolutionised the way we package, run and distribute server applications, so when Hykes starts a new venture, it's worth checking out.

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Running Terraform in a Lambda Function
Running Terraform in a Lambda Function

I recently set up a Terraform project which I wanted to run on a regular schedule. There are a number of ways to achieve this, but I decided to package the project as a Lambda function and schedule it with… 

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Setting up AWS SSO with Google Workspace
Setting up AWS SSO with Google Workspace

I recently configured Single Sign On (SSO) from our Google accounts to AWS. AWS SSO is the recommended way to configure SSO across multiple AWS accounts, yet Google is not a supported identity provider. However, this simply meant that there… 

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