Building an effective development team takes thought and application. Software development is problem solving that can be predictable. Delivering expected results with the least resources is what NewRedo are experts in. We offer a range of learning activities tailored to suit all situations and audiences.

Contact us to discuss training or on-site coaching tailored to your situation and specific team challenges.

Agile Team Coaching

Has continuous improvement flat lined? Do your team revert back to old practices under pressure? An on-site program of regular guidance and mentoring will give ongoing improvement and productivity gains. Coaching is a cost-effective catalyst to break through to the next level. Suitable for teams already practicing agile development techniques.

Extend Team Tools

Use the right tool for the job. Different situations present different challenges. An experienced team is quick to adapt once equipped to do so. We provide advice and training in various tools and methods including Scrum, Kanban and XP. Our founding practices include working in pairs, testing as we go, fixing the quality bar and supporting communication and collaboration in every way available.

Classroom Training

Lean / Agile training conducted on-site or off-site covering all aspects of agile development and lean management. Courses cover all roles and responsibilities including developers, team leaders, development management, product management, business analysts, system testers and test managers. Contact us for further details.

Process Review

Understand where your team is. Highlight what is or isn’t working. Expose the reasons why expected gains have not materialised. Suitable for all teams searching for ongoing improvement or where progress seems stalled. Contact us to discuss capturing a process review to focus planning and investment.

Agile Introduction

Agile concepts are showing real results right across the IT industry and experience of them is becoming essential. To adopt these new ways of thinking successfully some background really helps. Our business introduction sessions explain the underlying body of knowledge and form a foundation for further exploration and decision-making.

Bespoke Workshops

Sometimes whats available off the shelf does not seem to fit. Every business context is different, some are quite unique. When a team is struggling to apply mainstream ideas an outside prospective will bring new insights. A bespoke workshop or training session tailored to your exact situation provides a way forward for the team and the business.