Software Development Experts

Software Development Experts

We are software development experts with decades of experience, delivering software that supports your products or services and drives value across the wider business, helping you to meet your business goals.

Software Development Experts

Experts in Software Development.

NewRedo was founded in 2010, with a vision to help businesses like yours to adopt fast evolving digital technology, and guide you through the process of digitally transforming into the new age of technology.

Today, digital services created by software development experts play a critical role in helping modern businesses to achieve success.

NewRedo is a home to digital specialists of all kinds, including cloud architects, software designers, software development experts, business analysts, and delivery managers, ready to support you with a huge variety of capabilities, including:

  • Developing custom software solutions
  • Enhancing cybersecurity and compliance
  • Integrating disparate digital services
  • Providing guidance on emerging technologies
  • Developing mobile applications
  • Implementing agile practices and transformation
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance
  • Selecting cloud providers and strategy
  • System migrations
  • Implementing cloud-native solutions
Software Development Experts

Why NewRedo?

Founded in Yorkshire, we hold Yorkshire values, and have a company-wide culture rooted in the straightforward delivery of digital solutions, using a no-nonsense Agile approach.

Simply put, we care about delivering good working outcomes in a short timeframe.

It’s the vision of our software development experts, and entire team of software specialists, to uplift all humans by harnessing the power of computers, empowering even the most technophobic, disability impaired, and individuals lacking skills or confidence. Our mission is to cultivate expert, multifunctional teams that can design, build, operate and support software services of the highest net worth, scale and complexity.

More than trusted, experienced, Agile software development experts, we’re your partner in technology, with a commercial focus, and a user-centred, data-led approach.

Our Values.

At our core, we are guided by values not procedures, allowing room for creative solutions for both our team of software development experts and technology professionals, and you, our client. These 5 values underpin everything we do at NewRedo.

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Guided by Outcomes

From our software development experts to our Architects and Data Scientists, our entire team is dedicated to creating software that gets the job done, meets your business goals, and achieves measurable results.

Documents, diagrams, clever technology, and elegant architecture are things we care about, but our true north is the big picture business value, and commercial effectiveness, that our software delivers.

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Great to Work With

At NewRedo, we want our clients to truly enjoy working with us.

We achieve this by keeping things simple and straightforward, work hard to build trust, demonstrate integrity, and nurture long-term relationships with you, our clients.

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Good Team Players

We believe we are stronger when consultancy and client work as a team, collaborating to reach better outcomes.

You’ll work closely with our software development experts and wider team, to help incorporate your perspective and expertise relevant to your business, industry and users. Together we can achieve more.

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Lead by Example

The NewRedo team are all leaders, holding ourselves to account, taking initiative, and caring deeply about doing the right thing for our clients and their business.

We lead by example, set the standard for excellence, and nurture our ability to share our expertise.

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Keep Learning

We continuously look for ways to improve and develop, whether that’s getting to grips with new technologies, developing our soft skills, or simply learning from things we could have done better previously.

Our team is hungry to develop our skills, and discover better ways to do things.

Meet Some of Our Software Development Experts.

NewRedo is proud to be home to such a skilled and passionate team of Software development experts, Designers, Architects, Test Engineers, and Data Scientists. Hear from a few of our talented team members, and about the brilliant work they do below.

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Growing up in Wiltshire, I always liked building things, and this is still the case.

I’m big on problem-solving, but when I’m not working, reading ThoughtWorks TechRadar or with my family, you’ll find me rock climbing or sailing.

Royd Brayshay - Founder
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I am originally from India, and currently live in Chester, UK, where I enjoy a great work-life balance.

Day-to-day you’ll find me automation testing with C#, Javascript, as it makes life easier to test multiple things within a fraction of time, and using Jira, Github, VS Code.

Archana Battini - Principal Automation Tester
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I am originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and now live and work in Leeds.

I’m a big fan of the Visual Studio Code editor, and use many different console applications for source control such as gitGUI, gitK etc.

Chad Oertel - Junior Software Developer


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