Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services

Our digital transformation services guide you through the process of changing the way your organisation operates and delivers value to your customers, by leveraging new digital technologies.

Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services.

At NewRedo, our digital transformation specialists help you to maximise your business’s efficiency and effectiveness, and equip your organisation to respond to changing customer needs, market trends, and competitive pressures, with digital transformation services tailored to your organisation.

By assessing your existing business practices, operations, how you deliver value to your customers, and rethinking traditional business practises, adopting new agile, data-driven, and customer-centric ways of working, we can lead the way to harnessing the power of digital technology to transform your business model, processes, and customer experience.

How we can help.

We can help your business find a perfect blend of the following digital transformation initiatives to help you reach your transformation goals, and remain competitive and relevant in an increasingly digital world.

  • Moving applications to the cloud to improve scalability and reduce costs
  • Using data analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour and preferences
  • Introducing new digital products and services to expand revenue streams
  • Implementing self-service channels to reduce costs
  • Enhancing cybersecurity to protect against emerging threats
  • Automating manual processes using robotics and automation technologies

Our digital transformation services, expertise, and specialists, will empower your organisation. Wherever you are in your transformation journey, we can help support you.

Digital Transformation Services

Our Approach to Digital Transformation Services.

Though all digital transformation projects are unique, the initiatives varied and diverse, and though our digital transformation services are 100% tailored to your organisation, the following steps provide you with our approach to a typical digital transformation project, which we adapt to your unique organisation and requirements.

We take a strategic approach to deploying our digital transformation services to identify and implement the digital solutions that can help your organisation to meet its goals, and prevail against even the most persistent challenges.

Digital Strategy

Work with you to define a digital strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Maturity Assessment

Conduct a digital maturity assessment, to assess your organisation’s current digital maturity and readiness for transformation, and identify gaps and opportunities.


Develop a roadmap that outlines the phases required to achieve your desired digital transformation outcomes.


Help you select the digital technologies that align with your business’s needs and goals.

Build & Implement

Build and implement your digital solutions, and ensure that they are integrated with your existing systems and processes.

Monitor & Measure

We monitor and measure the progress of your digital transformation project, and use data and analytics to identify areas for improvement and optimisation.


Help you to manage the cultural and organisational change that comes with digital transformation, ensuring your team is onboard and ready to embrace the necessary changes.

Continued Support

Continually work with you to improve your digital solutions, and identify new opportunities for digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Services

A Typical Transformation Lifecycle.

We deploy our digital transformation services inline with agile methodology, as outlined in the UK Government’s Digital Service Standard:


We help identify the problem that needs to be solved, and whether a digital service is the right solution, before conducting user research to understand the needs of your users, and their pain points.


Our team develops the simplest system that could provide value to your end users, and gather your feedback, and that of your stakeholders.


We iteratively improve your system, adding more functionality, and establish design conventions and patterns that will be used throughout the system. We then gather feedback, often from a large cohort of users, to make iterative improvements to the service.


Your system is deployed to a full production environment, while we continue to monitor and improve the service based on user feedback.


When a system is superseded or no longer used, we can help to create a service plan to remove the application from its production environment, reengineer dependent systems, and ensure data governance policies are followed, while taking care to ensure that users are aware of the transition.


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