UX Design Consultancy

UX Design Consultancy

We are a UX design consultancy of talented designers and engineers with a passion and skill for designing software that users love to use, and that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

UX Design Consultancy

UX Design Consultancy.

The user experience that your software offers is an essential factor in its effectiveness and success. No matter the results your existing software is delivering, focusing-in on UX can improve any system, and improve its value, when supported by the right UX design consultancy.

At NewRedo, we start by using specialist research methods to understand your users, their needs, preferences, and behaviours, and use this understanding to inform the design of your software’s user experience, design and functionality.

By blending User Research, Usability Testing, Interaction Design, and User Interface Design processes, we offer a UX design service 100% tailored to your business, and your specific requirements, to help you create a system that is intuitive, easy to use, and meets the needs and expectations of both users and stakeholders.

Two Services, One UX Design Consultancy.

At NewRedo, designing an effective user experience requires two essential elements of focus: UX Design, and User Research. These elements are deeply intertwined and must connect seamlessly, to effectively inform the development of bespoke software that drives a positive user response.

UX Design.

The ultimate goal of the UX design process is to create a system that is as easy to use as possible, while considering each and every relevant factor along the way, to ensure that mistakes are caught pre-launch.

Our expert designers run regular UI and UX testing to flush out issues early - and design a system that users find intuitive and easy to navigate at the point of launch, so big post-launch changes to design and functionality are not required. Lowering your software’s cost of ownership.

We’re a UX design consultancy with a mobile-first approach to creating responsive, interactive user interfaces and mobile apps, ensuring that your system runs seamlessly across a range of devices and screen sizes.

Accessibility is an essential factor of the UX design process, helping to ensure that your software is easily navigated and understood by users with a range of learning difficulties or disabilities. We weave accessibility into your system in a range of ways, from keeping copy easy to read and digest, to carefully crafting your user interface code to work seamlessly with assistive technology.

User Research.

We’re a UX design consultancy committed to creating bespoke software that solves the problems your users are experiencing, informed by extensive research and data-led decisions. Our engineers and designers develop a deep understanding of your users and their needs, in order to design a system that effectively solves these problems, in the right way.

Our team can help to identify user groups and recruit partners, select the optimal methods to achieve your goals, create plans, and compile findings, to better align your solution.

Our UX Design Process.

NewRedo provides a guided approach to UX design, leading you through the complexities and intricacies of the user experience landscape.

With decades of experience designing systems that users love to use, we’re a go-to UX design consultancy, with a tried and tested UX design process that maximises success every time.


Our team holds discovery sessions with your stakeholders, and conducts research into your target audience.


We develop user personas to identify the goals, behaviours, and pain points of your users.


Identify the information architecture of your app or website, to define its structure and organisation.


During the wireframing and prototyping stage, we develop interactive prototypes to test functionality and user interactions.


Our designers develop a visual design language and high-fidelity mockups based on your branding guidelines.


We conduct extensive usability testing, around the behaviour and assumptions of representative users.


Throughout the development and implementation stage, we conduct regular design reviews with your team to maintain alignment.


Our team conducts thorough quality assurance and testing across different devices and platforms.


We conduct launch and post-launch monitoring to continuously gather user data and refine the design based on insights.


We make continuous improvement through feedback and key performance indicators.

UX Design Consultancy

Your New UX Design Consultancy.

Selecting a UX design consultancy is no easy feat. With many agencies offering seemingly identical services, it’s ‘approach’ that sets your options apart.

We understand that developing software can be expensive, and building the wrong software that solves the wrong problem, in the wrong way, or at the wrong price point, can be disastrous. As a result, we have developed our approach to maximise the success of your system.

Ours is a targeted approach, considering your users every step of the way, to create bespoke software and optimal user experiences that generate the best commercial and operational outcomes.

We believe it’s vital to base decision making on primary data, minimise unproven assumptions and biases, and conduct extensive research and user engagement processes to maximise the effectiveness of your system.


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