Every month NewRedo plays host to the Agile Yorkshire community group. Fifty people come together to listen and swap ideas. It could be more but we’ve only room for that many.
At NewRedo we’re very keen that the process of product development a team effort and not just about writing programming code, and what’s great about Agile Yorkshire is it attracts people from all disciplines. From engineers and UX designers to senior managers, they all come together in the same room for the same reason – to open their minds to better ways of work together and creating things with software.
To keep that diverse group happy requires a careful mix of topics and levels. Helping project managers with their knowledge of BDD frameworks and hard core programmers appreciate the cost of delay provides value to everyone in the end. Another key mission of Agile Yorkshire is to promote new ways of working to a new audience, so having some entry level content also plays a part.
This month Grant Crofton and Mike Burrows provided contrasting slots on F# and Kanban respectively. It was a balmy summer evening and discussion flowed on afterwards into the pub next door. The best part about any community gathering.