Collocation and What Matters to People About Workspace?

Most people involved in IT work in some kind of office if they are collocated with their team and not working from home or some other remote location. That office may be furnished in a typical modern day style or significantly more dated or even makeshift in some circumstances. What a work space looks like will have an influence on the workers within it and it isn’t always true that the most lavish spaces produce the most effective environments. So what else matters? What matters to people? What makes them work well within a space? What is the difference between a work space and a work place?

Ian Ellison comes from a facilities management background, a natural scientist by education and is in the final stages of doctoral research into what matters to people about their work space. He visited our Agile Yorkshire event to talk about some of his work and share three of his key findings about people and space.

Author: Royd Brayshay

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