Hannah Chaplin at Lean Startup Yorkshire

Accomplished entrepreneurs regularly state that building the wrong thing is the biggest risk facing startup ventures. When a company discovers too late that customers don’t want the thing they’ve spent many months building, it is often the beginning of the end. Without time and funding to make changes, recovery may be impossible and even when finance is available founders are often so attached to their assumptions that change doesn’t happen fast enough. Listening to customer problems and the solutions they propose is essential when deciding what to build and how to spend company time and money. This crucial activity significantly lowers the risk of new product development and finding product / market fit.

The problem though is who do you listen to in a sea of user voices, which are signals and which are noise. Hannah Chaplin co-founded Receptive to solve this problem after struggling with spreadsheets and customer suggestions with their fist startup. She spoke at Lean Startup Yorkshire about their journey, their product and the problem they are aiming to solve.